Brut Vintage

This 100% Chardonnay harvested
in only one year is a sharp and fresh wine
with citrus and exotic fruit notes.
Its delicacy and elegance can be valued
in aperitif or with seafood and sellfish
or with a lemon pie.
Blanc de Blancs champagne

Tasting Sheet


Blanc de Blancs champagne


Visual aspect
The dress is pale gold with green hues.
The bubbles are very fine, lively, dynamic and persistent giving the wine a very pretty cord of a beautiful outfit.

Olfactory appearance
The nose is open on a fine pastry reduction bringing brioche, frangipane, almond, a little hazelnut and even a ripe apricot side drawing on the dry fruit, giving the wine a certain gluttony.
At aeration, a freshness emerges with citrus fruits, lime but also some notes of exoticism.
To perfect this olfactory profile, a touch of dried flowers brings more finesse.

Taste aspect
The freshness of the appetizer is immediately amplified by the dynamic effervescence.
This wine offers us a suave and frank texture; it is first expressed on aromas of citrus, grapefruit then the profile evolves to ripe fruits, candied notes, honey. Finally, a beautiful evolution based on roasting and toast comes to us; it gives us a very elegant length, made more complex by a lemony touch and minerality.
This wine is balanced, refreshing and has a very nice length.


Harvest 2012
Chardonnay : 100 %
Sugar dosage : 6,5 g/L

Advices and tasting

Tasting temperature :
As an aperitif, serve at 7 – 8 ° C.
At the table, serve at 10 – 12 ° C.

Examples of food and wine pairings :
Soft apricot pie – Lebanese tabbouleh – turbo with lemon cream