From generation to generation


Our family grows land in farming and viticulture for four générations now.
The holding is in Montagne de Reims, in Vaudemange,
a small village named “The white Pearl”
and crossed by the Route Touristique du Champagne.

A family heritage


Elsa et Anaïs are witnesses of their
parent’s overflowing activity.
Thanks to Pascal, their Grandfather,
the Champagne MACHET collection has been marketed since 80’s.

Our vineyard

Our 10-ac vineyard is mainly located in Premier Cru,
in Vaudemange, but also in Merlaut,
in “Coteaux Vitryats”, and in Essoyes, in Aube Coteaux.
We do resasoned viticulture
in order to pay close attention to our wines.

The strenght of nature

The vine lives and grows out of any control.
Although our job is to direct and maintain our vines,
we cannot control everything and nature is still surprising us.

Our cellars


Our Champagne collections are produced
carefully and are ageing in
our cellars before reaching our customers.

The magic operates

Wine aromas mature in bottle.
We manipulate the assemblage,
the ageing and the bottling,
then the magic works alone.