Champagne Pascal MACHET and the CORONAVIRUS crisis

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Our country, as well as the rest of the world, is suffering the Coronavirus head-on. The crisis we are going through does not allow us to take full advantage of the good weather and our loved ones as we would like. Our family farm is obviously hit hard by this crisis. Indeed, we have no heart for joy and are prohibited from meeting.

However, soon life will resume. Maybe not like before the coronavirus crisis, we have to admit. But life will resume all the same. Even if it will not be easy to forget these difficult moments for all, it will be essential to regain a taste for the good things, for the pleasures of life … We are certain that, during this difficult period, you have savored the simple pleasures of life and try, to the maximum to discover, or rediscover the local producers … CONTINUE !!! You are the only ones who allow all small producers, like us, to survive.

Even if we had the right to do so since the start of confinement, we did not wish to offer a sale to the Estate, or to shipping. For several reasons. First, we wanted to protect our family and protect you! Then, the various carriers with whom we usually work, implemented the same precautionary principle as we and the other carriers had a lot of work. Today, the situation has changed somewhat. Our usual carrier is reworking little by little and has already fulfilled the orders that were previously pending. We are therefore able to resume shipments to France. For shipments in Europe, it is necessary to consult us to find out if this is possible.
We also wish to take over a sale at the Domaine for those who wish. Always in order to protect us and to protect you, orders must be placed by phone or email, paid by bank transfer before collection and Champagne can be loaded in your safe, by appointment only.

Little by little, we will also resume deliveries. During May, we will offer our customers delivery free of postage, to Lyon, Le Havre and Annecy. Do not hesitate to contact us to agree on the terms of these deliveries.

While waiting to meet you, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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